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Data Privacy & Cookies

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file hosted in your browser when you first log on the website. It allow the browser to identify you each time you visit the website, it improve your navigation and let you access to some fonctionnalities such as sharing content through social medias. Cookies aren’t executable file. They are neither spyware or viruses.
Learn more here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

What are cookies used for ?

Cookies are used to improve your overall navigation experience. They give informations on the way visiters use the website : statistics (traffic), average time spent, views per page.
Moreover disabling the cookies might prevent you from using some of the fonctionnalities such as sharing content through social medias or a complete use of the animations and somes other contents.

How to fully or partially disable cookies on your internet browser ?

You can set up your browser to disable fully or partially the cookies or to report the deposit of a cookie and let you agreed or not.
Learn how to processed according to your browser :

Protection of personnal data

Beside the use of cookies allowing us to measure the traffic and connexions with our social medias we do not collect data (adress, emails, …).
All of the content shown might be temporarily stocked in your browser to improve the loading and interactions times, it is called catching. The browser cache will last up to one month after the last visit on the website.

Contact us

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